Thursday, March 26, 2009

Despite common Opinion...

Despite common opinion, History and all elements of Social Science really can be fun sometimes. As an aspiring History teacher, I always look for ways to make history just a little more interesting for the students I'll be teaching. One of my favorite resources that I've come across, and I'm sure many others have seen it as well, is a website called . It's a GREAT mock-news website that has absolutely hilarious twists to issues that are actually pertinent to our day. While it is clearly not a good source for an actual account of what's happening, it almost always deals with issues that are prevalent in the news scene. If you're an aspiring Political Science, History or Social Sciences teacher, I would strongly encourage you to look through some of the videos and see if there's anything that you think you could use in your classroom. here are a couple of my personal favorites. Go to these websites:

The first video is a satire making fun of the lull in political action following the election, and the second one is a just plain hilarious satire of statistical misuse and health care. Anyhow, I thought they were funny. I hope you find some good ones too.

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